Innovation in the transportation industry has dramatically accelerated. Electrification, Autonomous Driving and Connectivity are just few examples of enablers for a complete digital transformation of road vehicles, facing a market becoming increasingly driven by sustainability and safety aspects.

At Azcom Technology, we help companies in this technological challenge, bringing competences in developing and managing complex systems including Embedded Electronics, cutting-edge Sensor technologies, Artificial Intelligence, DSP algorithms, Wireless Connectivity, and Cloud Solutions.

Azcom supports safety and quality-driven processes by applying state-of-the art industry specific standards, like AUTOSAR for software development, Automotive SPICE® for quality management and ISO-26262 for Functional Safety.

Azcom closely works with global Tier-1 market leaders, supporting them throughout the full product creation cycle from concept phase to production and product maintenance.

Our services

Azcom Services for Automotive

Application domains



DSRC (WLAN IEEE 80a2.11) and C-V2X with 5G support

Navigation and Travel Information

Emergency Services and Road Safety

Insurance Services

Insurance Services

Driver Monitoring System

Emergency call

Stolen vehicle localization

Fleet Management

Fleet Management

On-board sensing and AI for predictive maintenance

Drive-style monitoring

Vehicle localization and telemetry data analysis

Infotainment Connectivity

Infotainment Connectivity


Telematics (5G, 4G/LTE)

OTA Software Updates



Advanced DSP

Sensor data-fusion algorithms

AI and Machine Learning

Vehicle Monitoring

Vehicle Monitoring

In-Cabin Monitoring System for interior monitoring

Child presence detection

Surroundings exterior monitoring

Anti-theft system


From Life Presence Detection to Vital Signs monitoring passing through Occupancy Localization and Passengers’ Classification, Azcom’s CabinGuard® offers a complete set of automotive-grade features to improve different aspects of passengers’ and driver safety and comfort, bringing car interior sensing to the next level.

Garbage Truck Fleet Management

Custom hardware and software IoT solution for management and disposal of differentiated urban waste, including GPS trucks tracking, driver identification and drive-style monitoring, telemetry data collection, wireless connectivity, and cloud application software with dedicated Web-portal for real-time fleet monitoring, data analytics and reporting.

A project of the European Union involving Azcom, OEMs, road operators and technology partners to implement and test, in real traffic conditions, cooperative systems based on V2X technologies.

Azcom contributes to the Connected Car (V2X) use case of the 5G CORAL project, under the EU Horizon 2020 framework.



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