AZCOM AZS Series HSPA+ Small Cell

Azcom AZS Series HSPA+ Small Cell

Azcom Technology provides the AZS HSPA+ Series, a powerful, flexible and compact IP67 compliant HSPA+ small cell that can be rapidly deployed and remotely managed in a variety of environments.

The Azcom AZS Series HSPA+ Small Cell is a very outdoor module that offers easy installation with fixtures that allow simple wall or pole mounting.

This device provides a total output power up to 4 W thus providing services over a large area. With remote manageability, this product is ideally suited for private network deployment in remote areas in need of essential voice and data communication.

The product supports up to 64 simultaneous users and is available in most important 3G bands with other available on request. The dual carrier mode doubles downlink aggregate throughput and offers better cell edge performance while the receiver sensitivity compliant to 3GPP medium range BS requirement offers a compelling uplink performance that balances increased TX power.

Compact and Flexible Design

The product leverages the state-of-art cellular base station System-on-Chip (SoC), Analog Front End (AFE), built-in GPS and associated peripherals to offer a fully integrated solution. Optimized access technology accelerators enable a simple and reliable way to implement the 3GPP protocols.

The AZS HSPA+ Small Cell is a plug-n-play device that allows for easy and efficient operation, administration and maintenance through the SNMP and CLI protocols.

The Azcom AZN HSPA+ Small Cell is an ideal solution for a variety of applications. The main application is to provide essential voice and data connectivity to rural and remote areas. The Small cell can also be used to plug coverage holes in existing 3G network deployments.

  • Band Support: 1,2,4,5,8
  • Antenna Configuration: 2 TRX
  • Output Power: up to 33 dBm per channel
  • Synchronization: Integrated GPS, PTP/IEEE 1588
  • Dimensions: 77 x 240 x 330 mm
  • Operational Temp: -40 to +55 °C
  • Typical Power Consumption: 80W at-48VDC
  • Protection Class: IP67
HSPA+ Features
  • 3GPP Release 8 compliant
  • 64 Active Users
  • Data rates up to 42/11Mbps DL/UL
  • RX diversity
  • Inter / Intra-RAT mobility
  • Dual Carrier (10MHz)
  • Enhanced Cell FACH DL/UL
  • Continuous packet connectivity
  • Up to UE category 24



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