Azcom AZI Series NB-IoT/LTE Small Cell

Azcom AZI Series NB-IoT/LTE Small Cell

The Azcom AZI Series is a powerful, flexible and compact IP67 compliant Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) and LTE Micro and Pico cell products that can be rapidly deployed and remotely managed in a variety of outdoor environments.

This state-of-art solution offers NB-IoT connectivity to hundreds of devices on top of standard LTE features. LTE services like voice, video and data are available simultaneously with IoT device applications enabling humans and devices to interact seamlessly with ubiquitous connectivity.

The Azcom AZI NB-IoT product is an ideal solution for a variety of applications. Private enterprises can leverage the AZI system to provide voice, data and video in addition to IoT management. The most interesting scenarios include agriculture and industrial (e.g. mining, power) applications. Precision agriculture uses IoT applications to help farmers to increase the quality, quantity, sustainability and cost effectiveness of production. Plant, soil moisture, nutrients and fertilizers, water usage and weather conditions are monitored and reported. For mining applications, the IoT devices are mounted on vehicles and provide critical information on vehicle health that facilitates automated fleet management.

Compact and Flexible Design

The unit has fixtures that allow simple wall or pole mounting. With a total weight of around 7.5 Kg (or 6.5 Kg for the smaller version) the AZI product is very compact. The form factor also enables quick installation and deployment on transport vehicles like mining trucks. The integrated GBE backhaul facilitates deployment in small spaces while minimizing installation and commissioning costs.

  • Band Support: from 400 MHz to 6 GHz
  • Antenna Configuration: 2 TRX
  • Output Power: up to 37 dBm (5W) per channel (33 dBm (2W) version available)
  • Synchronization: Integrated GPS, PTP/IEEE 1588
  • Dimensions: 125 x 240 x 260 mm (95 x 240 x 260 mm)
  • Operational Temp: -40 to +55 °C
  • Typical Power Consumption: 120W (90W) at-48VDC
  • Protection Class: IP67
LTE Features
  • 3GPP release 13
  • FDD
  • Voice, video and data over IP
  • 64+ Micro, 64+ Pico active users
  • In-band/Guard Band NB-IoT
  • 1000+ Micro, 500+ Pico NB-IoT devices
  • Bandwidth 5, 10, 15, 20 MHz
  • Data rates up to 150/50 Mbps
  • Support for VoLTE, VoIP
  • MCPTT (SW upgradable)
  • eMBMS (SW upgradable)



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