Defense networks are perhaps the earliest users of advances in wireless technologies, both in peace and war time. The reliability, security and performance requirements of mission-critical strategic and tactical systems are extremely stringent. Legacy voice and data communication systems must co-exist with modern systems with very high availability. LTE and LTE-Advanced high speed wireless networks have been specifically targeted in 3GPP Releases (R12 and beyond) to enable reliable, low latency, compact, secure and high performance fixed and portable defense communication systems.

4G and 5G networks for defense range from secure multimedia communication systems for backend operations (static infrastructure) to high speed, secure multimedia on-the-go systems (mobile infrastructure) for the war simultaneously involving land, air and marine operations. LTE network infrastructure are more compact, secure and maintainable than legacy 3G/2G systems. The all-IP LTE technology can be used everywhere, from centralized RAN, backhaul, handhelds, fixed and mobile terminals (on person or on vehicle). Some features of 4G/5G networks that make them most appropriate for defense applications are:

  • Device to device communication
  • Connected battlefield with large number of connected warfare devices using machine context awareness
  • Combination of Macro and Small Cell base stations to meet dynamically changing coverage, frequency band and radio transmission technology
  • Extremely real time (low latency) and deterministic (high availability) command and control for strategic and tactical purposes
  • End to end embedded security for secret operations
  • Integrated backhaul


Azcom Technology is focusing on the development of core technology building blocks that are aligned with these emerging techniques and 3GPP Standards to be a key player in developing LTE and 5G based defense solutions.

Azcom Technology provides LTE eNodeB, UE, Air-to-Ground modem and Core Network (Evolved Packet Core) products and technologies for defense and aerospace networks. Azcom offers IPR for eNodeB, UE and A2G modem that includes physical layer, higher layer and OAM stacks. Standard 3GPP compliant IPRs are available for licensing, while IPRs for custom stacks that are common in defense application can be fully owned by the client via transfer of technology. The IPR can also be co-developed/co-owned by the client and Azcom. Service offerings include system engineering for custom solutions, custom hardware design and manufacturing, embedded and application software development, and product qualification.



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