Testing Services

Azcom offers comprehensive testing services and solutions for complete Software and Hardware development lifecycle. Our testing services portfolio comprises functional testing, integration testing, conformance testing, product qualification testing and test automation. We have developed automated test simulators for DSP Physical Layer verification per 3GPP specifications, frameworks for software functional testing and platforms for hardware testing. We are well-equipped to handle product testing, from test engineering to product qualification.

Hardware Testing

Azcom Technology provides solutions and services for semi- or fully-automated hardware testing, including POST, board bring-up, product validation and manufacturing tests for a range of application domains and hardware technologies. We have developed test simulators, board support packages, device drivers and custom test boards, including those for complex and high-speed interfaces.

Firmware for Manufacturing Tests
  • Complete testing of processor, its instruction sets and internal registers
  • Complete testing of internal and external memory
  • Built-in Self Test (BIST) execution
  • On-board peripherals testing
  • Data and address path testing
  • Voltage, frequency and temperature monitoring
Hardware Functional Testing
  • Board testing in the presence of external stimuli
  • Custom board development to simulate external interfaces
  • Device drivers
  • Development of complete test system, regression testing, fault localization, monitoring and reporting
  • Completely remoted test process
Product Performance Testing
  • Stress testing of board components
  • Testing of board Interconnections under load conditions
  • Stress testing of peripherals
  • Traffic generators for verifying internal and external data paths

Software Testing

Azcom offers complete set of software testing and test automation services. We can design and execute highly automated test campaigns for all stages of software product development, from unit testing, integration testing, to acceptance testing. One of our key skills is test automation for a continuous integration environment. Our software testing experience spans wireless software testing, embedded application testing, IoT testing, and mobile, web and cloud-native application testing.

System Integration Testing

Our highly experienced team of hardware and software test engineers can help accelerate your product development. You can leverage their expertise in system integration and hardware and software debugging to accelerate through this critical stage in product development.

Testing Platforms and Automation

Development of complex systems requires flexible and versatile automated test platforms. Azcom offers its deep expertise in the development of open-source test platforms, including simulators, software tools, and automation script suites for realizing a highly automated test environment for a continuous integration and continuous development environment.

Multi-platform test automation
Keyword-driven tests
Open-source engine
Easily-to-write test scripts with Robot-IDE
Clear XML based Report Generation
Web interface for remote monitoring and management



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