Mobile & Cloud Applications

Azcom has a team of mobile, cloud and web developers with many years of experience in all the leading technologies. From backend to frontend development, from user experience to data management, from cloud-based apps to mobile software, we have expertise in all the fields of application development.

Mobile Applications

Azcom Technology offers custom mobile app development services covering the full project lifecycle, from concept to App Store and Google Play submission.

We find the best solutions to realize your projects in the right compromise between cost, time and performances, to let you bringing quality products to the market.

Azcom has expertise in native AndroidTM and iOSTM development and in cross-platform technologies like Xamarin.

Delivering Early Value

Azcom adopts processes and methodologies aiming to support customers in creating minimum valuable products quickly, enabling fast market feedbacks and learning cycles, to adjust the original idea to the actual demands.

Azcom helps you define product goals, prioritize key product features, create user journeys, wireframes, mockups and clickable app prototypes.

Web and Cloud Applications

Azcom Technology has experience in many cloud platforms and web technologies.

Our clients have partnered with us to develop solutions using leading applications and technologies. Our customers operate in different industries, from Home Automation to Telecommunications, Manufacturing and Semiconductors.

Integrated Services

Integrated Services

Thanks to the wide range of Design Services competences, Azcom offers a complete set of SW development experience, from the cloud application down to the embedded device control.

Scalable and flexible solutions

Scalable and flexible solutions

During the design phase, our expert team selects the right tools and architecture to scale your solution along with your evolving needs.

Responsive and Device agnostic solutions

Responsive and Device Agnostic Solutions

You don’t have to worry about the different devices your customers will use: your content will fit all, from the smartphone to the widescreen of a workstation.

Migration to cloud

Migration to cloud

Azcom can support you migrating your legacy systems to a modern and performant cloud based solution.

Full Stack Development

Full Stack Development

Azcom has the ability to design complete web applications and websites, from web frontend and standalone desktop applications, to Backend API and server-side applications.

Backend Database Engines

Backend Database Engines

We develop backend solution engines integrating SQL and NoSQL databases

API Development

API Development

We can develop the API layer for your devices and services so that can be easily incorporated into multiple applications.

Cloud Technologies

Microsoft Partner

Thanks to the consolidated experience of our application team we can offer a complete set of development services for web and standalone solutions, exploiting the most advanced technologies and platforms.



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