5G Radio Unit

AZCOM 5G Radio Unit

Azcom production ready 5G O-RAN RU reference design and related IP cores can greatly accelerate a customer product development. Both, the reference design and the IP Cores are completely designed and developed in-house permitting rapid customization and enhancement.

Azcom 5G RU Reference Design

The Azcom 5G-NR Multi-RAT Radio Unit (RU) supports the demanding flexibility required by the ongoing diverse implementation scenarios for 5G RU O-RAN based.

✓ Multi-standard 5G-NR, LTE and NB-IoT Radio Unit
✓ O-RAN compliant eCPRI, 7.2x LLS Architecture
✓ IBW up to 100 MHz
✓ 4T4R, 2Watt/Antenna

Azcom 5G RU IP Cores

Azcom provides a set of libraries to accelerate 5G O-RAN RU development.

✓ L1 Low-PHY Software, Cat A/B
✓ PRACH Data processing
✓ DFE Chains (DUC, DDC, CFR, Beam-forming)
✓ UL / DL O-RAN Fronthaul bridges
✓ M-Plane framework…