Embedded Software and Systems

Firmware, Device Drivers, Real Time Software, Linux Programming

Azcom embedded systems engineering team provides design services for development of embedded applications, real time software, firmware and device drivers, and kernel programming. We have rich experience across operating systems, including RTOS and BIOS, micro-controllers, multi-core processors, DSPs and FPGAs from different vendors. For more than 20 years, we have been providing embedded design services in a variety of applications domains, such as wireless, automotive, semiconductor, industry, IoT, smart metering, home automation.

Embedded Applications

Azcom provides cutting-edge expertise for development of embedded software applications on a variety of hardware platforms and operating systems. These applications include control and monitoring systems, communication protocol stacks, middleware, abstraction layers, client-server applications, HMI APIs, and custom libraries. We also provide services for porting applications across hardware and OS platforms.

Real Time Software

We provide real time software development services, including code optimization, symmetric and asymmetric multi-core design, multi-threaded architecture, bare metal programming using assembly and specialized instruction sets, parallel processing framework and smart scheduler development. Our integrated knowledge and experience across processor architectures, DSPs and real time operating systems ensures an optimal and high performance design.

Firmware and Device Drivers

Azcom offers firmware and system software development services across a range of operating systems, processors, DSPs and FPGAs. These include, boot loader, board support package (BSPs), device drivers, diagnostic code, OS porting and customization. Our development team has vast experience in driver development for various I/O devices and peripherals such as storage, wired & wireless connectivity, buses, MMI, audio and video.

Linux Programming

Azcom Technology has a strong engineering team with rich experience in the Linux environment. We provide a wide range of software development services, ranging from OS porting and customization, to kernel space programming, device drivers and different types of Linux based application development, including real time applications.

Kernel Programming

Our system software team, provides expert services for development of boot loaders, device drivers, OS porting and customizations, kernel space application development, kernel performance optimization, real-time patches and extensions and root file system tailoring.

Multi Platform Expertise



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