Hardware Design

Azcom Technology with its highly skilled team provides a variety of services in hardware systems and board design, development, testing and certification. We have experience in designing complex boards hosting processors, micro-controllers, DSPs, FPGAs, high speed peripherals, analog and digital RF components.

Our design services are further complemented by our Firmware and Embedded Software development team, to offer a complete turn-key product design service.

Design to Manufacturing Services

Key Differentiators

  • Consolidated experience in Digital, Analog, FPGA and RF designs
  • Integrated Platform Experience – Multi-core Processor, Micro-controllers, DSPs, FPGAs, RF
  • Software support team – Firmware, POST and Manufacturing Test, BSP, Device Drivers, OS Porting, Embedded and Real Time Application Development
  • In-house lab instrumentation and technology enabling reliable system verification and validation
  • Partnership with global EMS to provide a complete manufacturing service


Industrial 3D Printhead Controller board
Manufacturing Test board for PCIe storage boards validation
USB module for home automation system configuration
LTE Baseband board
LTE Small Cell baseband and Transceiver board
Remote Radio Unit

Multi Platform Expertise

Design Partners