Azcom Technology at European Global PlugFest Fall 2022

Azcom Technology will attend European Global PlugFest Fall 2022 at OTIC Lab TIM and a New O-RAN Demo availble on the alliance  virtual exhibition. Azcom production ready 5G O-RAN RU reference design can greatly accelerate a customer product development. Both, the reference design and the IP Cores are completely designed and developed in-house permitting rapid […]


As a provider of cutting-edge product engineering services to global customers for more than two decades, Azcom is excited to expand its use of Keysight’s software-centric emulation, test and validation tools. Keysight’s Open RAN Studio Player is a highly versatile and easy-to-use tool. Keysight’s open RAN solutions enable Azcom to accelerate the development of proprietary […]


Barcelona, 28th February 2022. At MWC22, Azcom Technology presents its latest 5G Radio Access Network development. Azcom complements its extensive portfolio of 4G and NB-IoT wireless network solutions by an O-RAN compliant 5G RU reference design, the AZR-5000 RU. The reference can also be utilized for initial 5G network field trials or integration purposes.

Is 5G a must for private networks?

  POSTED BY : Dr. Satish Ananthaiyer,Ph.D. EVP, Business Development     With LTE addressing all the requirements, is there a need for 5G? 5G is the future 3GPP standards-based radio access technology that offers ultra-low latency, considerably higher throughput than 4G, large number of connections (e.g. large sensor networks), virtualization for cloud-based operation, and […]

LTE with WI-FI: Seamless Co-existence

POSTED BY: Aakash Kaushal, Marketing Manager Most mining communication networks today use Wi-Fi based solutions. These are suitable for situations where connection density is low and mobility is not required. On the other hand, 4G and 5G converged communication solutions offer high bandwidth, low latency and high connection density. This makes them better suited for […]

Azcom ready for Private LTE Deployments

Azcom network gear integrated and field tested with private LTE applications Milan, Italy – Feb 27th, 2019 Azcom technology has made significant progress in demonstrating field worthiness of its eNB products for private LTE network deployments. Azcom’s high power outdoor LTE Pico cell products have been integrated with core network elements and the entire private […]

Converged Virtual 5G RAN – Concept or Reality?

Azcom joins 5G-CORAL Consortium to further progress in 5G Milan, Italy – April 6th, 2018 Azcom technology continues its involvement in the 5G research by participating in 5G-CORAL project that is part of the European H2020 5G Public Private Partnership (5G-PPP) Infrastructure. This project aims to deliver a convergent 5G multi-RAT access through an integrated […]